Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can't We All Just Convention?

I know I said that the next time I blogged it would be about places to stay. But, that was before Obama said what he said and Mayor Goodman said what he said. Can't we all just get along? I know it seems unreasonable that banking organizations would come to Las Vegas to convention after receiving government money to get right. Admittedly, on the surface, it seems a bit irresponsible. But, they are probably going to convention anyway. Why not Vegas?

Ok, I know there are the fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, hedonistic pursuits and gambling, but why does that have to exclude Vegas as a convention spot? Listen, all these items listed can be found in any city in our great country. At probably twice the price! Really, I challenge anyone to find a 4 star hotel room for less than $200 a night in any city other than Vegas. I just looked at my favorite travel service website and found the Palms Hotel Casino going for $80 a night. A 4 star hotel for $80 a night! Can San Francisco do that? Can Kansas City do that?

How about restaurants? I know most conventioneers have a certain amount per day that they can spend on food. At least, a budget conscience company should place some limits. Since I used the Palms as an example already, they have your fancy eateries, as well as, McDonalds and other fast food fare. Conventioneers can stay on budget or add their own cash to eat what they desire. How great is that? I was told once that people are down on what they are not up on. I believe this to be true. People criticize what they don't understand.

I feel that companies should go to Las Vegas to hold conventions. If they do their fiscal homework, they'll find Vegas to be more fiscally prudent then most places. As I tell my students, just because you can does not mean you should. Just because companies have the money, doesn't mean they should be overly extravagant. Especially, with Uncle Sam's dime. But, if they are going to convention anyway choose Vegas. You can't go wrong. Plus, you'll have a economically good time. Next time I'll get to the travel issues. Good fortune to all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Than Just Sin City

This is my very first post. I'm so excited. I suppose the purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge of Vegas for the curious and travelers alike. Although, I'm not the consummate expert, I have been going to Vegas for about 31 years now and can share some insight on places to stay, eat and, yes, even gamble. My view will encompass some ways to extend your dollars and will always welcome comments from others who travel to my most favorite spot on earth.

I want to keep my first observations a bit general and will get more in depth as the blogs progress. My initial impression of the view of most average people concerning Vegas, is that it is a place that is immoral and where people lose their money and way. I disagree. As is the case with most large cities, Vegas has it's share of urban problems. But, like most cities, Las Vegas has developed ways to deal with these elements. Is it perfect? No, but is any city? And, in my opinion, community leaders are doing a pretty good job keeping control. Driving a few short blocks away from the strip, Vegas is like Anytown, USA. There many churches, civic organizations and community groups to promote city health and vitality. Do I live there? No, not yet. My extended family lives in California and I feel it's important for my son to keep in touch with his grandmothers. However, if they would all move with me. I'm there.

Las Vegas, by most, is not considered an educational and cultural center. However, not only is the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and Clark County Community College located there but there are also many specialty schools. Schools of business, high fashion, culinary arts and many others can be found in Vegas. You want ballet. Vegas has it's own ballet troupe. Numerous theaters designed for plays, concerts and movies can be found as well. And, yes, even the casinos can brag about bringing culture to their community via the many exhibits and shows that are available.

Well, enough of this board of trade and tourism talk. I do love this city. One can't help but feel this from my tone. I love it because there is a spirit, an energy in this city and people that make it like no other. The feeling of hope for a better life exists in the people that move there and a feeling of pride for those born in this US city of lights. Lastly, from the Red Rock Canyon to the expansive desert landscapes, there is much to appreciate . In fact, the land itself has it's own intrinsic beauty. The view of the desert sunset on the surrounding mountains is alone worth a trip to Las Vegas. In my next entry, I'll give some views on staying in Las Vegas comfortably and without spending a great deal of money. Until next time, much good fortune and happiness to all of you and your families.