Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review of Buffalo Bill's Hotel Casino Primm NV

Each time I visit Primm NV, I have a very good time and I usually break even in gambling. I almost always stay at Buffalo Bill's. But, I've also stayed at Whiskey Pete's and the Primm Valley Casino. I favor Buffalo Bill's as they have the selection of keno machines that I enjoy playing, a wide variety of eateries to choose from and amusements for my son. The rooms are adequate and the staff is generally very friendly. But, that is not to say that it is perfect.

If you're one into luxury, this is not for you. Don't get me wrong, they have accommodations that are appealing to higher rollers, but don't expect 5 star luxury. The rooms are generally very clean and have a few perks. The rooms have the customary coffeemaker, iron with board, hair dryer and older TV with a good selection of channels. Speaking about TV, the set has the capability to connect a game console. For us this is a very good quality, my son son enjoys his games. For whatever reason, there are many casino rooms throughout Las Vegas that do not have this capability. The beds are very comfortable and the air has always worked pretty well.

Having said all that, the decor is a slightly tired western theme. A remodeling of some sort should be in their future. The towels are thin but adequate and you'll have to ask for more of them if you shower more than once during the day or have four people in the room. The maids are professional and helpful. However, I did have one who grumbled at me because I asked for more towels. I think the tension resulted from a misunderstanding about what I needed. Everyone has a bad day, so I let this incident go. She was much more pleasant the next day. Please never hesitate to report continued poor behavior by an employee. The hotel makes their money by your patronage. Bad employees mean lost revenue. I know that I don't return to a place that treats me or my family poorly.

Dining at Buffalo Bill's is varied and accessible. They have the Wagon Master Coffee Shop, Miss Ashley's Buffet, McDonald's, La Salsa Mexican Grill, Panda Express, Corner Roastery, Rosie's Pizza, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and Starbuck's Coffee. For finer dining, they have a Tony Roma's but it is only open on the weekends. Food quality is very consistent in the chain restaurants. These are generally corporate run and are under strict quality control. The hotel run coffee shop has pretty standard fare and the food quality is good. However, service can be slow at peak times and getting in can be slow if there many people in the casino. The buffet is quite good. It doesn't have a great variety of food selection but what they do have is well prepared and flavorful. The salad bar has a good selection of vegetables and fruits. If you enjoy desserts, they have a variety of regular and sugar free ones. Also, even if the line is long, it moves considerably faster than the one at the coffee shop. Price wise expect the food prices to be a little higher than in Vegas. After all, you are 45 miles away from Las Vegas.

Buffalo Bill's appeals to a great number of people including bus tours. So if you are annoyed by crowds, this place is definitely not for you. Lines are unavoidable at times because of these large crowds. Midweek though is really pleasant due to fewer people. I'm more patient than most so I don't really mind. The crowds do limit machine access during certain times of the day so plan accordingly. When it's busy, I often play a different machine, go to a neighboring property or just wait. Either way, I still get to play. Also, if you are bothered by young people, this property is not for you. The amusement section attracts a large number of kids and many are unsupervised. Some of them can be rather loud and rude. I usually limit my visitation to this area. If you're gambling, then most likely you will not notice their presence.

Overall, I enjoy this property. I recommend this property for people that want to save on expenses and who have been to Las Vegas before. I also recommend that you have a vehicle so visiting Las Vegas is possible. It is kid friendly and very accommodating to families. Rooming is lower than in Vegas and comfortable. Everyone can find something enjoyable to eat. I would refrain from staying at Buffalo Bill's if you are seeking luxury, proximity to Las Vegas or visiting Las Vegas for the first time. Hopefully, my assessments are helpful to those of you traveling to this area. Remember, you get out of your experiences what you put in. Until next time, I wish you and you're family good fortune and health.