Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year

Ok, Ok! I know it's been awhile. But, my love for Vegas has not diminished. In fact, I still made Vegas 5 times this past year. This last month, I stayed for 11 days without paying for a room once. Of course, I had to move casinos but I figured I saved about $350 - $4oo for the duration of the stay. Plus, some of the casinos offered deals on food and gambling which helped cut even more costs on this vacation. Except for catching the flu towards the end, I had a tremendous time.

You might be mildly curious how I managed to pull off this personal triumph. Well, you have to start prior to your stay. I might add that the other times I stayed in Vegas, I didn't pay for a room either. You must be willing to gamble. The casinos are not overly interested in your opinions and willingness to stay and eat at their casino. They are interested in your play. Now I have to say that, I enjoy playing nickel and penny keno and bingo. Do I play alot? Between my wife and I, we're good for about a $100 a day. That sounds like alot but we do win some which offsets the total amount played. This last summer, I won enough to cover the entire expense of both summer visits and buy the Xbox my son was coveting plus enough to bankroll the visit in November. That really is all one could hope to do.

On the subject of gambling, you have to have a certain measure of discipline. You can't gamble your entire bankroll on the first day. I like to budget each days allotment for gambling. When I meet the limit, then I enjoy a little TV or reading in the room. Then, the following day I do it again. But, because of the play I get, I have very rarely had to go to the room because of low funds. However, I caution you. Don't play unless you understand that you are being entertained and you will more then likely lose your money. So never play money you need to make the house payment or feed the kids. Personally, besides my job, I play in a band and that provides my bankrolls. I don't make a fortune but enough to have some fun.

This past year, my wife and I enjoyed some concerts provided for free by the casino. Some really well know performers. Why? Our play is consisitant. Can you imagine what benefits you could recieve if you were able to afford to play big money? Just try to play a bit and you'll recieve some benefits by casinos just to get you back. I need to mention that joining the players clubs is really key. It doesn't matter how much you play unless the casino knows it you really don't exist. Plus, some casinos give better perks than others so try a variety of places. Well, until next time, hopefully not another year, I wish you much good fortune and happiness.