Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eaten By The Bear

Currently, I'm licking my wounds from my recent trip to Las Vegas and surrounding area. As I have mentioned before, never gamble what you can't afford to lose. I really do believe this but it is difficult to accept. I spent my entire bankroll for the trip. I was there for 10 days. Now don't jump to conclusions, I allot $200 per day for gambling. That doesn't seem like much for some but others might gasp in disbelief. For me, I feel it only because that was also money for future Vegas gambling. Now I have to work my side activities to earn another bankroll.

As you know, I enjoy video keno. Normally, I can get enough small jackpots to extend playing time. This outing was particularly brutal. The machines were having none of me. As you should also know, slot machines are not random. They can be set to payout jackpots at certain rates and amounts. What is random, is your moment in time playing a particular machine. I couldn't catch a break. But, gambling is ebb and flow. Does it mean I'm going to quit going to Vegas? Obviously, not. But, I may change the way I gamble.

The casinos are in the business of making money. They make money from losing customers. I donated to my favorite casinos this time out. I won $5600 the last 6 months of 2011. So, I knew at some point in time, I would have to give some back. Admittedly, the machines felt a bit tighter than usual. The only change I may make is the amount per bet I make. Hopefully, this streak won't last long and I'll be on the winning track again. I hope that everything goes well with you. I hope you're eating the bear. I wish all of you good health and fortune.

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