Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Image

Just like Las Vegas, I'm going to continue to try new looks. This blog now looks a bit different since the previous blog entry. I decided to change a few color schemes and add more information. Hopefully, this will catch a few more followers. I also want to mention that I welcome comments, questions and suggestions. I think it looks pretty good.

Speaking about questions, if you want to know something about Las Vegas or Laughlin, please ask away. I definitely have opinions and helpful, I think, ideas about making your trip to Las Vegas a more enjoyable experience. Although, I prefer certain casinos, I have views on all the other casinos. Plus, if I'm not familiar with a new one, your questions will give me a reason to visit it. I love Vegas.

Recently, I went Laughlin. I had a very nice time. My wife loves this place. In her view, it has a slower paced feel which she finds more relaxing. I tend to agree with her but I love the energy of Las Vegas because of the up pace. Although, I must say that Laughlin has it's own charm which is quite appealing. For those that don't know, Laughlin is nestled in between the Colorado River, Bullhead City, Arizona and the Mountains of Southern Nevada. Though, it is very hot in the summer, it is very picturesque all year long. We do plan to go back and visit some more.

Well, before I stop writing, I want to mention that we stay at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin. There are many others but the Edgewater has given us free rooms based on a very low amount of play. If you read my other entries, you know that this is a very important requirement of my patronage of a casino. The only exception is the South Point Casino in Vegas. Sometimes, I do make an exception because of atmosphere and gambler room specials. Well, I got to run so til next time much good fortune and happiness to you and your family.

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  1. Laughlin was awesome!!!! Las Vegas is fun too but I realy loved the slow pace of Laughlin. I felt my vacation was longer than a week and who doesn't want to be on vacation for as long as one can? Plus, winning $1400 was cool too. : )