Sunday, February 21, 2010

What to Play?

Those that have read my blogs know that I enjoy playing video keno and bingo. Plus, those that know these games are aware that these games are ones with the lowest odds of winning. Why would any one play these games? Well, to be honest, I used to play blackjack. However, the price to play a hand has increased. Having said that, I still enjoy it now and then but with no regularity. The odds of winning something in blackjack is better than most but your bankroll has to be commensurate with your decision to play this game and your understanding the game itself.

Video keno is pretty easy to understand. Also, the bet amount can be fairly small. I play 20 to 60 cents a bet. You put your money in and pick up to 10 numbers and play away. Your odds of hitting something should be fairly consisitent with any other casino slot machine. However, there are those, as do I, that believe there are things you can do interactively that can increase your odds of winning. As in video poker, the player has some influence over the outcome of the play. This influence is marginal at best. You don't think large casinos are built because they love to give away money, do you? However, if any influence can be exerted over the game then, I think, it's worth the attempt.

Most casinos profess that their machines win randomly. However, this "randomness" is adjusted to win within certain predetermined percentages. This is how the casinos can determine their cut of the play in the long run. But, anything can happen in the short term. That is where my style of play comes in. First, I make sure I determine how much money I'm going to play at any given session. I also decide how much each bet is going to be. Then, I pick my numbers. I like to pick numbers that are clustered together. I feel that although it is possible for spread numbers to win, clustered numbers are in a better position to win. I then play these numbers steadily with patience. Sometimes, I play the numbers for 100 to 200 plays then change the cluster position. Generally, I keep the same cluster shape. I have used this technique for the last 2 years and it has improved my winning percentages. I won $1400 in January. Prior to this technique, I used to win smaller amounts with my "winning" number combinations. I really do believe that the cluster shape is more influential then the numbers chosen.

The amount of numbers and which type of keno games played can influence winning. Although 10 numbers can be played, I would not play that amount. I found out fairly quickly in my keno experience that a smaller amount of chosen numbers wins greater than many numbers. It is possible that in the long run 10 out of 10 could happen. But, usually I don't have that much time nor money. I like 7 numbers. They win smaller amounts with regularity and 7 out of 7 is more likely in the short run. The games I like are the ones where the amounts that be won are fairly large comparatively speaking. Having said that, I know the winning is less often. Bonus games like Caveman or Cleopatra Keno hit more often but for considerably less amounts. I play these games but only as a change of pace. 4 card and 20 card keno games are quite fun. You can win greater amounts of money but they require a larger bankroll. The most money I've won has been on 4 card keno.

I also have techniques to make my money last a bit longer when the machine is not really hitting. I use these techniques when casinos are crowded and machine access is limited. Although, I'm patient while playing, I'm impatient to get a machine to play. Well, I hope some of my ideas work for you and maybe you can share ideas that work for you. I forgot to mention that I almost exclusively play nickel bet keno. Until next time, happiness and good fortune to all of you and your families.

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