Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stretching Your Dollar

There is nothing more disappointing then having more vacation than money. This is particularly true in Las Vegas. I can't tell you how many times I've driven home with just enough money for gas and Taco Bell. But, that was in the past. Now, I have a relatively simple and logical approach to making my money last through out my vacation. These steps work for me and I'm sure they will work for you.

The most important step is to budget your money. It goes without saying that you must have money for food. First, you must decide how you would like to dine. You must be aware that some places have meal deals and others do not. If fine dining is an aspect of your vacation experience then budget accordingly. My rule of thumb is $7 per person per meal for fast food, $10 for family style fare and $20 for finer dining. Personally, I don't care to spend more than these amounts. Remember, I'm in Vegas to gamble and take in the atmosphere. However, if my bankroll was such that I could afford more I probably would occasionally frequent really fine restaurants. There are so many places to eat in Las Vegas that finding reasonably priced fare is pretty easy.

Next, as I've mentioned before, you must decide how much you are going to gamble per day. Since, I like to gamble, I usually do 2 sessions of gambling each day. I usually play a $100 per day. Therefore, each session is $50. Once having met that amount, I visit my room or take a walk or find something else to do. There are so many new casinos that finding a place to walk through is not difficult. I play nickels on Video Keno so often my money can last 3 to 4 hours. Plenty of time to have fun for me. Plus, it is very rare where I play and can not win a little something so I can keep playing.

Now, what happens if you are in a busy casino with a limited availability of machines? That's not a problem if the machine you could get is paying out. But, what if it isn't? I usually choose a Video Keno Machine that has multiple games. You will know within the first 20 minutes how the machine is playing. If it isn't really paying out, I play each game with the same numbers. I rotate games after about 12 to 15 plays. I found this stretches my money due to the smaller amounts won on the bonus Keno games. Of course, my goal is to hit something on the Keno games that pay out more. Using this method, I can usually play that machine for 3 to 4 hours even if it is paying out poorly.

Remember, you're in Las Vegas to have fun and try your luck. Don't come with the attitude that you'll strike it rich. This attitude will make you veer from your plan. With the right attitude and budget, you'll maximize your vacation in Las Vegas. Having said all that, maybe you will hit a nice jackpot and pay for your vacation. That is all one could hope for in Las Vegas. Until next time, I wish you and your family much good fortune.

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